Savannah Genesis line of gas fireplaces

Savannah Galaxy

Created from the ground up, this new fireplace series was created without limitation. The high definition reflective flames are now enjoyed with a complete clear view, as the new double wall glass technology provides protection from heat, safe to touch, without compromising visual beauty.

The new generation of linear gas fireplaces has arrived by Genesis Fireplaces. No longer is a screen needed due to these seamless designs.

Key Features:

• Stunning high definition views of the flame
• Sophisticated lines
• Build, simple
• Maintenance friendly
• Clear View: With our double wall glass technology
• Warm Glass System: Safety touch glass
• Easy Clean: No technician required
• Radiant – Allowing the heat from the fire to naturally spill into the room
• Thermal – Air flowing up over the radiant heat
• Convection – Gently blowing air into the room