Goodman energy-efficient air conditioner GSX13

A system that works smarter

The GSX13 Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser uses the chlorine-free refrigerant R-410A to help prevent damage to the Ozone Layer. This unit is equipped with sound-dampening features to provide operating sound levels are among the lowest in the heating and cooling industry. Using high-quality components,the Goodman GSX13 air conditioner condenser is rated at 14 SEER and will help reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the system.

Key Features:

• Energy-efficient compressor
• Single-speed PSC condenser fan motor
• Factory-installed filter drier
• Fully charged for fifteen feet of tubing length
• Contactor with lug connection
• AHRI Certified – ETL Listed
• Ground lug connection
• Copper tube & enhanced aluminium fin coil


• Energy-efficient compressors are designed to efficiently deliver indoor comfort, possibly saving on monthly energy costs.
• A single-speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) condenser fan motor is designed to provide consistent airflow for optimum system performance.
• Filter-driers play a pivotal role in the operation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A factory installed filter-drier absorbs and filter”s residual system contaminants and moisture.
• Fully charged with refrigerant sufficient for 15’ of tubing length to assist with easy installation of unit.
• Contractors can securely connect wires with large screw lugs, allowing for quick and solid wiring.
• Meets the performance requirements for AHRI certification and complies with ETL North American safety standards.
• Contractors can easily and securely connect the ground wire with a screw lug.
• Copper coil tubing with enhanced aluminum fins increases the area for heat absorption, providing outstanding, energy-efficient heat transfer performance.